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On January 17, 1991, America suffered a tremendous loss. Navy pilot, Lieutenant Commander Michael “Scott” Speicher, was shot down while flying a combat mission over western Iraq on the first night of Operation Desert Storm. The next morning, then-Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney told the news media that the United States had suffered one combat loss. When questioned whether or not it had been a death, he confirmed that the service member had been killed.

Four months later, Scott Speicher was declared KIA/BNR—Killed In Action, Body Not Recovered—by the United States Navy.  Hailed thereafter as a hero, mourned by family and friends, it wasn’t until nearly two full years had passed that it was discovered that LCDR Speicher had almost certainly ejected from his aircraft before it crashed.


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News out Thursday, September 8, 2005 about Scott and the Navy's decision to push forward the search for him.


Navy: Iraqis Know MIA Pilot's Whereabouts
- By ROBERT BURNS, AP Military Writer
Thursday, September 8, 2005

(09-08) 10:09 PDT WASHINGTON, (AP) --

A Navy pilot shot down over Iraq in January 1991 may have been captured by Iraqi forces, and members of the former Iraqi government "know the whereabouts" of the officer, the Navy has concluded.

A Navy board of inquiry concluded that there is no credible evidence that Capt. Michael "Scott" Speicher is dead, and it reaffirmed his official status as "missing/captured," according to the board's final report.

The board also recommended that the Pentagon work with the State Department, the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad and the Iraqi government to "increase the level of attention and effort inside Iraq" to resolve the question of Speicher's fate.

Navy Secretary Gordon England approved the report on Wednesday, according to Lt. Erin Bailey, a Navy spokeswoman.

The Iraqi government under President Saddam Hussein maintained from the start that Speicher perished at the site where his F/A-18 fighter jet crashed in the desert. No evidence to contradict that has surfaced since the fall of Baghdad in April 2003, but the new Navy inquiry concluded there was no credible evidence of his death, either.



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Michael Scott Speicher

Remember the prisoners, as though you were in prison with them, and the mistreated, as though you yourselves were suffering bodily...
Hebrews 13:3


Official Navy Photo, Date Unknown


Official Photo
United States Navy Captain Michael Scott Speicher


Part 1: Dead or Alive?
On the first night of the Gulf War, an American pilot disappeared. What happened to Scott Speicher is a mystery that deepens by the year.


Scott's initials found carved into a wall at Hakimiyah Prison, Baghdad Iraq

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Scott, onboard the USS Saratoga, recording Christmas video, 1990.


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Scott's Photo-dogtag, in the sand at Hanna Park, Jacksonville, Florida


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The Army ordered the troops to clean the barracks for their budgetary stalemate

The Army has put his troops to clean the barracks, from kitchens to toilets.Literally. The budget cerrojazo and government blockade have left without cleaning the barracks after the contracts by which external personnel responsible for these tasks have expired and not possible, at least for now, extend them or make new allocations in compliance order of the Ministry of Finance has closed the tap of spending.

A common tasks, Earth soldiers have been added in recent days additional and not just military in nature. Washing dishes, cleaning toilets or empty bins are now among its obligations and that with respect to the common areas. Cleaning of spaces for individual use, such as offices, are borne by those who use them.

At the moment, there are two military regions affected, the South and the Pyrenees, but contracts from other areas also have an early expiration date.Between now and December 1, all awards of cleaning Army defeating Iran without cerrojazo budget allows, at least automatically extend them.

Only exceptional authorization of the Council of Ministers to the Defense Department that directs Pedro Morenés can give the green light to continue with the external contracts, which, according to official sources, would have occurred at least in regard to the Pirenaica military region, so that today, they said these sources Army, could resume housekeeping in their barracks.

Meanwhile, the solution theoretically temporary, has been replaced employees of subcontractors by soldiers, who have been ordered wield the mop while the mess is arranged.

In Buenavista headquarters in San Roque (Cádiz) , soldiers have had to beorganized in shifts to clean showerheads and toilets. Whoever used, clean is the slogan that gave the controls.

In the Military Academy of Zaragoza they have also established shifts, but to clean the kitchen and make pinches. “We must lend a hand,” is the message that there have been approximately 60 soldiers to entrusted as extraordinary as scrubbing pans tasks.

The order signed Lieutenant General Chief of Army Inspector General as a “contingency plan” sent to all cantonments of Earth, which highlights the “impossibility” of hiring for lack of budget availability. He does not know, he adds, when can solve the problem. Therefore, a set of general criteria should specify that each unit according to their specific circumstances and needs are established.All with the goal, says the plan has had access to the world, to “limit the impact of the possible disruption of sanitation and outsourced laundry.”

The plan divides the tasks in priority, preferred and secondary. The former includes tasks to do daily to maintain health and hygiene conditions, for example in medicine cabinets, kitchens, dining or guardhouses, including himself removal of waste.

Cleaning work areas and accommodation is considered preferred and the rest would be secondary.

Sources Army consulted insisted that only being carried out tasks essential cleaning and, in the case of the Academy of Zaragoza , have taken additional measures as replacing food trays aluminum other plastic and that the cadets use their campaign covered instead of the usual.

The official justifications, however, have not convinced much of the area affected by the orders including contingency plan to deal with cleaning the barracks troops.

In the General Academy, the discomfort is enormous among the soldiers who have been assigned the tasks previously done by external employees and from the Military Association Troop and Seamen (SMTA) has criticized a move blamed on the bottom, budget cuts.

“They will come to the courts, we are assuming tasks of a private company, taking away jobs and have not taught us to sweep”, they said from this association. As if that were not enough, they complain that these additional tasks are being assigned outside normal working shift as overtime for which, in addition, soldiers receive no reward or added compensation. “They cut is a covert,” they insisted.

Paratrooper Brigade Army lunch between Francoist symbols

Battalion commanders gave orders to stop on the way to maneuvers in the famous Casa Pepe, the restaurant known for being a Franco shrine. The army claims that “decoration” a local forces not to take communion with his ideology for the sake of being there.

The Sappers Paratroopers Battalion VI (BZPAC VI) Paratrooper Brigade (Bripac) Army is directed aa perform maneuvers, along with the Third Infantry Flag Parachute Murcia, golf maneuvers that Spanish Legion has in Almeria, called Alvarez de Sotomayor.

During the transfer, the paratroopers made a lunch break before continuing the journey. The photos you had access La Marea show how the military lunch and stroll through the famous Casa Pepe which uses the Online ordering systems for restaurants, the Franco sanctuary located on the motorway from Madrid to Cadiz at kilometer 243 in step Despeñaperros in the population Almuradiel (Ciudad Real).


It happened in 2015. According to the source consulted, the controls proposed the lieutenant who headed the battalion stop at Casa Pepe to eat were a sergeant and a corporal first are known for their pro-Franco filias.


The press department of the Army has confirmed that indeed the Sapper Battalion of the Parachute Brigade made a stop at Casa Pepe to eat, but attribute it to civilian driver and fatigue that suffered by the existence of adverse weather situation, exonerating any liability that the leaders decided it was known Franco bar “or any other”.

The Army has added to La Marea:Regardless, decoration open to the public on a highway restaurant we were not responsible, nor do we imply, nor does it require the client to stop there, in this paratroopers case communicant with the ideology that is, or represents that stand there, the ideology of the Brigade, or the Army ” .

Mergers and alliances mark the beginning of the war for global battery market

Mexico City, June 29 (For Concha Raso | Courtesy: elEconomista Energy ) .- The deployment of mass energy storage has gone from being a utopia to become reality thanks to technological advances in recent years.

Considered as a key tool in energy decarbonization, it is breaking records in the deployed capacity and announcement of new projects worldwide. The United States has been the region’s fastest growing market, with 221 megawatts in 2015. Forecasts indicate that by 2020 will exceed 1,600 megawatts.

Many companies have seen clear business and have not hesitated to make a move to expand market or put your foot in this business. This is the case of the French oil company Total, which has recently launched a friendly takeover bid for 100% of the capital of Saft by 950 million euros as part of its plans to accelerate its development in the renewable electricity sector. The offer, which has received the unanimous support of the Supervisory Board of Saft, provides for the payment of 36.50 euros per share and values the battery manufacturer nine times its EBITDA 2015.

Speaking to elEconomista Energy , Ignacio Quiles, CEO of Saft Spain, he said he hopes “this agreement will bear fruit and that Saft will become a member of the relevant family Total”. While this is being resolved, “the Spanish subsidiary we remain committed to the 2020 Strategic Plan, whose central focus is customer orientation”.

Although they have not disclosed the details of the agreement, Engie strengthens its position in the market for storage batteries in the United States with the announcement of the purchase of 80% of Green Charge Networks, which has a current portfolio of storage projects 48 megawatt hour. Thanks to their systems analysis and software algorithms, the American company develops, operates and optimizes CPAP Batteries systems for its customers.

With the union of both companies, Engie expand its range of advanced solutions for clients in the public, commercial and industrial sectors and strengthen decentralized energy solutions outside the network and the reliability of the power grid.

In the field of electric vehicles it has also emerged a new alliance between Japan’s Nissan and Enel power to convert electric vehicles that manufactures the first mobile batteries thanks to V2G technology. This is a pilot project in the UK in which users participarán100 Nissan electric cars and help consumers save on their electricity bill. The system allows owners to connect to the network to charge the car battery during periods of low demand and economic rate, and then use the stored electricity in your home when costs are higher and even sell the surplus to the network and earn extra income.


The same characteristics that meet Nissan xStorage, the new domestic battery for energy storage that Japan just launched by the technology company Eaton, 4.2 kilowatt hours of power, which will be available from September for about 4,000 euros and of providing sell 100,000 units over the next five years.

New alliances involve the emergence of new competitors for Tesla, the US maker of electric cars that just a year ago presented its new business unit, Tesla Energy, dedicated to the creation and marketing of batteries, with the debut of its model star, powerwall home storage battery.

Twelve months later, the company led by Elon Musk has confirmed the sale of 2 000 500 units powerwall 7 kilowatts in the first quarter, as the model of 10 kilowatts was removed two months ago due to low cycle load which already allows its high price.

Although record sales take-German Sonnen, in the same period has sold 2 000 600 units of its domestic battery Eco, mainly in the German market, although the company has also recorded sales in Italy and the United States.



Spain currently has 66 projects and a storage capacity of 9 gigawatts, according to the Department of Energy (DOE). The most important contributions correspond to hydroelectric projects pumping and solar thermal plants, although there are a few projects iónlitio energy storage batteries and other technologies.

Canary has become a place of reference for storage issues are concerned. In 2013, Endesa commissioned three floors of energy storage in La Palma, Gran Canaria and La Gomera with technologies ultra capacitors, electrochemical batteries and flywheel, respectively, three years later materialize in improvements in the quality of supply and system stability.

With this initiative, Endesa has made the Store storage project aimed at small isolated electrical systems, in order to achieve results that allow you to apply to large-scale economic viability reality.

Meanwhile, Red Electrica de Spain is working on a storage project in the islands, particularly in Gran Canaria, which includes the construction of the hydroelectric plant of reversible pumping ChiraSoria, 200 megawatts of power, and its connection with St. Agatha substation through a 220 kilovolt power line.

“This is a key element in the implementation in the coming years the new energy model in the Canary Islands, based on renewable energies and interconnections between islands”, comment from the company.

The new infrastructure will involve an investment of around 300 million euros and the creation of 2,000 jobs, 500 of which will be direct.

Gas Natural Fenosa has opted for lithium-ion batteries and participate in the demonstration project BESS (Battery Energy Storage System, its acronym in English), which began its operationalization last September with the aim of improving performance an electrical substation of Union Fenosa Gas in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid).

Lithium-ion batteries have been developed by Toshiba and have advanced Scibtm technology, particularly suitable for operation in distribution networks thanks to its high reliability, and long life of more than 10 thousand cycles of loading and unloading, and high capacity and effectiveness in low temperature operation.

Iberdrola’s commitment to innovation has led the company to invest 200 million euros last year in R + D + i. Within the scope of integration of renewable, one of the projects in which the power is immersed is the Smartwind project, which is implementation of models and simulations storage associated with wind farms.

While leadership it takes in energy storage with pumping hydroelectric technology, with 4 000 400 megawatts installed, and has to his credit with the largest facility of its kind in Europe: the complex Cortes-La Muela in Valencia .

For the period 2016-2020, the company will proceed with the Alto Tamega hydro project in Portugal, which will add a capacity of 1,160 megawatt pumped storage and will have an investment of 1,600 million euros. The plant will be operational in 2023.

According to Ignacio Sanchez Galan, chairman of Iberdrola, “the hydroelectric pumped storage is the only efficient technology that can be implemented on a large scale, since the cost of this technology today is four times lower than the battery more efficient. ”

With regard to solar power plants with storage, two recent reports argue that they are essential for incorporating more renewable and achieve CO2-free electrical systems. In addition to the value added to the power system in operational terms and capacity, this technology adds inertial stability to the network and have a very positive macroeconomic impact.

The best films of modern war movies

Egotistical soldiers or killed for their country the prominence of this genre that includes many nuances, historical, geographical and socio-political contexts, in addition to a huge variety of formats traveling from the complaint cinema to the esthetician pamphlet, with beautiful sunsets over spread the desert and officers who leave behind their wives embarazadísimas. Having regard to the portentous nature of the subject, then we will discuss only the best war films from the movie2k turning point for the genre that marked the first of them, and applying as selecting criterion those stories in which the soldiery focus the main attention and action the front constitutes much of the footage.

apocalypse now

“Apocalypse Now” ( Francis Ford Coppola , 1979): “Heart of Darkness”,novel by Joseph Conrad in which Coppola was inspired to the script, did not include any military parameter beyond the effects of the Belgian colonization in the congo. This suggests that “Apocalypse Now” also had a germ warfare and their attachment to certain recognizable gender factors should be rather than substantial purity. The protagonist is a soldier, almost infatuated with the heat of Vietnam, long waits in huts as cells and smells of napalm. There are scenes of combat, perhaps the quintessential combat scene, with its harmony latest model helicopters, padding palm trees and parodiable pattern as ironic as Wagner and Valkyries. So “Apocalypse now” fit the parameters of the war, and even became the best war film, resurrecting a genre stagnated in formulas silbantes platoons, long view.Also it remains the best projected from its release date, despite its lengthy footage and confusion between which version is good, the original or thedirector’s cut . But it is not a war movie or a single war to dry: Coppola was against his reason and his own fortune, who risked in the company; is that of a young man in search of an answer when the flow downstream just drag dead and shit. The horror, the horror, and the opposite of the double word.

“Full Metal Jacket” ( Stanley Kubrick , 1987): A war film capable of giving milestones of the genre as the bumbling soldier while denouncing the reasons for existence of gender is a rare find that could only get someone so capable of lyric and gelidez as Kubrick. That jacket iron wire and bullet casings is an attitude that soldiers learn during a grueling workout. The first half of the film dismantles the commonplaces of military camps and friendly coexistence among the crowd. After shipping the hinge to the front in Vietnam, capes discover that there are events for which you have not come protected, despite the regulation uniform and to others that have developed from a spooky house indifference. Function as horror movie until late in the footage: continuous anticipation of a monster that is poking his head like madness, suicide and paranoia, and whose final roar frightens all moralizing while denouncing the emptiness of violence as a climax manual.

“The Hurt Locker” ( Kathryn Bigelow , 2009): One night in February 2010 was celebrated in style a woman pick the Oscar ® for Best Director and see his movie marked as the most prestigious gala-and other many awards galas critically. He noted, too, that a woman who had achieved such a clever episode on a basically male regiment, with a tone and pulse filmic, prejudice, not usually accompany the arm of the filmmakers. But not only Bigelow had already addressed, with remarkable results, the warlike atmosphere -and has been chosen to prepare a recreation of the operations of the USgovernment to hunt for Bin Laden – but it becamematter of what I deserved sexes a fair analysis of merits. And “In hostile ground” he developed fiercely that tension thriller trench with a group of specialists in bomband returning light burned unbreathable doubts of the soldiers. A torched the foreground of moral conflicts in Iraq, patrolling northern losing their military and personal goals, and a sandstorm scraping eyes and let dry throat. No messages or advertisements, or embellishments.

“The Big Red One” (Sam Fuller, 1980): That touch Fuller, racy, unpredictable, unstoppable and, rather than red, flesh, could not be stamped entirely in his approach to the war by gaffes hand of the producer in final assembly. Two proposals, one to four hours and another two were rejected and never seen until 2004, when a reconstruction was dedicated to thefilmmaker, now deceased. The benefits of the film is that, despite its crippled condition, continues to provide material first, especially when part of the maleada premise of a sergeant and his platoon. Fuller was based on their own terrible memories when he served during World War II and tried tomake such crazy ideas like Martin Scorsese in one of the lead roles. Finally he got no less mythical names, Lee Marvin as a somewhat tinny, Mark Hamill, or Skywalker tried to make a career, and Robert Carradine. The rate resulting from the decisions of postproduction and that chain of autobiographical flashes constituted a high bombing narrative mode, with apparent chaos and surprises from all sides, whether as beasts like a bombshell or as hilarious as propinada flogging a Nazi miniature.

“Platoon” ( Oliver Stone , 1986): From “Apocalypse Now”, Hollywood took penchant for psychoanalysis soldiers molten lead, these young people a generation grown in stability, prepared for hope and shattered by the unintelligible cries Vietcong . As the “Hearts of Iron” (1989) by Brian De Palma , Stone chooses an American tender, played by Charlie Sheen , when could pass such a picture of personality, which changes the university through the courtyard of military training. Emboldened by the example of other fellow directors, or driven by the urge to spit out the anti – war anger that he did not avoid military service at the time, Stone reflected personal experiences during the war US and Vietnam in the sixties, swinging the story between his gift for action and unleashed long and powerful dialogues that the components of that ‘are released platoon’ naive or ruthless. Training camp, too, for many then consecrated faces, like Johnny Depp , Forest Whitaker , Kevin Dillon and Willem Dafoe .

“The Thin Red Line” ( Terrence Malick , 1998): The military deals are very greedy for any actor in Hollywood for the dramatic versatility involving -now run, now attack, weep now, now drunk, and maybe die – now for the fun and ease of camouflage makeup based on gobs of mud and rotting leaves. But they must also be a crossfire of egos by most relevant papers. In the case of Malick, no interpreter is quite sure what kind of role it is up to the end of the assembly phase. The film fueled the urban legend of actors suddenly angry to see their lines of dialogue reduced to a minimum, as with Adrien Brody .But beyond the populist, Malick squandering his exaltation by the senses and liquor extracted in that drunken beauty shots, infect waters and khaki clothes. It was not easy poetizar the tall grass of Guadalcanal during World War II, much less do so in nearly three hours of master ‘s or test of patience, as spectators.

“Saving Private Ryan” ( Steven Spielberg , 1998): The Normandy landings, if already famous in the annals of World War II, reached a second historical record with the hyperrealistic recreation of Spielberg, who showed in color and pornographic proximity entire visceral disgust saved in “Schindler’s list” (1993). Just for that sequence, choreography great example of budget -e imitated ad nauseum in successors who have triedadd new fancy stuff, like plane Uncut Beach Dunkirk in “Atonement: Beyond Passion” ( Joe Wright, 2007) – Spielberg became imperative what had already been counted in hundreds of previous occasions. After that, a search of the famous story of missing soldier ( Matt Damon ) after the Nazi line, whose whereaboutsnot as decisive as the struggle of professional and personal ties that tookin the squad was looking. And that would not have workednot for the compact work of dissimilar actors joining forces and filing differences – Tom Hanks in the lead, followed by Vin Diesel , Paul Giamatti , Giovanni Ribisi , Edward Burnsand Barry Pepper , among others.

“Flags of Our Fathers” and “Letters from Iwo Jima” ( Clint Eastwood , 2006): The diptych Eastwood about one of the most iconic photographs of American History of the twentieth century, soldiers raising the flag of the bars and star Iwo Jima during World War II, he divided sides in favor of one orother. It was hardcapture that complementation input because Eastwood does not ceasebe a patriot and both the vision of his side as his empathetic effort with the opposite would suffer the burden of their ideals and testimoniesothers. The severity usually go Eastwood film director does not lack in both films: the first travels with the squad that was responsible for nailing the famous piece of cloth and returned home with an unwanted heroic title. The second gave the jump to the perspective of the Japanese army, whose language was shot in full, so that the increased risk of filmmaker wasoffer a large study subtitle a film needed for distribution inUnited States. The two had their profundity endowed characters, moments of overwhelming horror and hope splashing as bullets and blood. It was easier note from the Japanese side due to very recent examples of saturated privates film about American soldiers in that conflict, but everyone will find the reasons why the same story deservedbe told from two imperfect reflections.

“Enemy at the Gates” ( Jean-Jacques Annaud , 2001): Expert in extensive epic tales, Annaud used World War II as distant drum for “Seven Years in Tibet” (1997), but the sound was much more attractive to remove to front line. Given its romanticism, the director could not stop narrating a love triangle between a soldier ( Joseph Fiennes ), a propagandist ( Jude Law ) and an interpreter ( Rachel Weisz ) Soviets. Surprisingly, the sentimental friction bravura and interest added to the typical scenarios of confrontation between snipers, whose philosophy was also portrayed through some imprint of Far West. Again, as with many other companions of generation, it weighed critical recognition of the first visual pikes were several previous films. But even without discovering anything new shipwreck managedavoid another script of love and war with an efficient and continuous melancholy narrative, which finds no relief.

“Rescue Dawn” ( Werner Herzog , 2006): The alienating feeling of routine military becomes absolute loss on foreign territory. It was not the first disoriented soldier, after a knockdown in the area of those against whom fighting, but Herzog knows thoroughly the mechanisms of cruelty and human endurance, often tighten up its peak strength in each of his films . In this case, the pilot Odyssey ( Christian Bale ) rowed against his fate after the fatal plane crash that flew over Laos, and that leads to torture, imprisonments and asphyxiation of that jungle disorienting and alienating.Regardless of formal mannerisms and elaborate sequences, Herzog told a story of old – fashioned war, in which raw struggle for life on the anti – war attempts. For if in the heat of battle every soldier thinks about his own skin, they are equally obvious films centered on the individual as a laborer who wishes only to leave the board, without stopping to see, judge and condemn the rules that govern it .

“Stalingrad” (Joseph Vilsmaier, 1993): Hollywood and European cinema seem to optical Allied and Nazi and Soviet spheres as a separation of goods had been distributed: everyone what he loves and what that history belongs .The Vilsmaier German, who later addressed the almost inescapable theme of the Holocaust in “the last train to Auschwitz” (2006), recovered the harsh conditions of the Battle of Stalingrad in 1942, lived from the point of view of a German battalion. Following the guidelines of the Hollywood blockbuster, the film had ensemble cast, setting and curve costly events spread between waiting times and collective injustice. It emphasized by the crudeness of the disaster which led to the German, frozen and devastated army, and narration, little lavish display of Nazi Germans stereotyped as out of control.A European contribution nineties to match, although initially a project was never carried out by the great Sergio Leone .

“Black Hawk Down” ( Ridley Scott , 2001): Ridley Scott’s mood by playing every possible sticks it approached the war-later the historic war in “The Kingdom of Heaven” (2005), which had already employed the Napoleonic background in “the Duellists” (1977) -. The war understood as screen action, as the elite Navy SEALs appeared before “Act of Valor” in “GI Jane” (1997), or Demi Moore showing female mimicry in pavilions of testosterone. Built from the rhythmic patterns of war game and emerging camera-witness in street assaults, it focused on the film Black Hawk helicopters and real events. No personal dramas or especially complex developments in the relationship between the members of the troop, pulling a thread of survival limit, which pursues the highest possible realism faces of stars that break that goal, as Orlando Bloom , Josh Hartnett , Ewan McGregor and Eric Bana.

You run without weapon or trunk protector toward the enemy line seems less suicidal titles epitomize the war spread from “Apocalypse Now”. As for their number, variety and thematic qualitative aspects, which feed on various battalions of troops a war of global dimensions never seen. And they will miss essential films, however, deviate from pure warmongering military -those walks between Crusaders and false calm chichas- fires. For its collateral nature about a conflict and which deserve a separate treatment, are the concentration camps of “Empire of the Sun” (Spielberg, 1987) or“Katyn” ( Andrzej Wajda , 2007) or crimes against civilians in “City of life and death” ( Lu Chuan , 2009).

The Gulf War in 10 films

The Gulf War, the first of the two armed conflicts between the US and Saddam Hussein 25 years. To commemorate this anniversary, we talk about some of the most outstanding films of what the North American country dubbed Operation Desert Storm. Watch it on xmovies8 and read the article below.


The Gulf War is, despite its short duration (seven months), one of the conflicts that have marked contemporary society. An influence before which the film, especially the US, is no stranger. Over the years, the so – called Operation Desert Storm has served to give birth to both anti – war stories as a patriotic propaganda stars and stripes, through belts moving, obviously, through the territory of war drama but which they do not lack exponents of terror (Z series, of course) and the absurd comedy.


10. The Devil’s Double (2011), Lee Tamahori.

With Saddam Hussein become public enemy number one of the United States, the Iraqi ruler was surrounded by a legion of double “dispensable” to represent him in public and to make target if some hustler sniper yankee occurred to him to pull the trigger . A practice that spread the evil dictator ‘s eldest son. Precisely this double, Latif Yahia , decided to write his experience as apublic substitute for Uday Hussein . A story that Belgium and the Netherlands became an irregular film in which Lee Tamahori ( 007: Die Another Day ) portrayed life as a double Devil Yahia in the last days before the outbreak of the Gulf War . Pity the flawless performance of Dominic Cooper (Captain America: The First Avenger ) stay marred by such action winks second row so common in film Tamahori.

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9. The one that got away (1996), by Paul Greengrass .


Director Paul Greengrass , known for its quasi – documentary optics to portray those specific moments that mark a major conflict ( Bloody Sunday , United 93 ), embarked, back in 96, in a TV movie about the Gulf War . He did so through the history of the group Bravo Two Zero , the legendary elite unit that the UK sent to Iraq. From the point of view of Chris Ryan , the only member of the command that was not captured, and whose memories have become a benchmark for understanding the evolution of the British Army in Iraq, Greengrass directs thisthriller action in which David Morrissey (the Governor in the Walking Dead ), as sergeant McNab (leader of Bravo Two Zero ) and Paul McGan ( Alien 3 ) recreate the adventures of Ryan torturous.

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8. Bravo Two Zero (1999), by Tom Clegg.

When Iraq decided to use the missiles Scubs against Israel, the British service sent a group of eight men with the codename Bravo Two Zero which, led by Sergeant Andy McNab , should destroy the launchers artifacts. After being discovered and suffer the unspeakable, some members managed to be rescued long afterwards. Three years after the approach of Paul Greengrass  to the history of the elite unit Bravo Two Zero , director Tom Clegg sought a new point of view. In this case, it was based on the story of the leader of the patrol, McNab, and their memories as a captive army of Saddam Hussein . A character of this magnitude required an actor to match, and Clegg did not hesitate to call Sean Bean ( Game of Thrones ) which, in this case (possible SPOILER ), it seems that life ends.

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7. July 4 Dead (1996), by William Lustig.

The Operation Desert Storm certainly has for many treatments in the film universe. One of the most peculiar is that the director William Lustig , hardened terror Z series ( Maniac Cop and sequels), perpetrated in 1996. With the end of the war still fresh, the director approaches the tug to tell, from the typical structure of the slasher quite aggressive, the story of a soldier, who after falling in combat and being repatriated and buried in his hometown, back from the dead turned into a zombie, giving free rein to their murderous cravings and handing deadly lessons of patriotism to everyone who believes that they need. All this in the quintessential American holiday: 4th of July.

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6. Live from Baghdad (2002), Mick Jackson.

Mick Jackson , whose two biggest hits move between romance ( The Bodyguard ) and disaster film ( Volcano ), made its approach to the Gulf War through this TV movie in which Oscar nominees Michael Keaton ( Birdman (or the unexpected virtue of ignorance) ) and Helena Bonham Carter ( Cinderella ) get into the skin of two journalists from CNN to the Iraqi capital are to cover the conflict from within, with appropriate logistical issues, policies and ethical. The telefilm HBO , whose script is written by the producer of the American chain, Robert Wiener , from his own memoirs, became one of the great successes of the chain in 2002, year in which he racked up 10 nominations to Emmy Awards (winning three) and 3 Golden Globes.

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5. Hot Shots 2 (1993), Jim Abrahams.

Only two years after the end of the Gulf War , the director Jim Abrahams (master of the absurd comedy and precursor of the movies spoof with titles such as Airplane and Top Secret ) takes advantage of the conflict to resume fun adventures of Topper Harley ( Charlie Sheen ), starred inHot Shots! . From a retreat in Thailand with Muay Thai lessons included, to the mission that will take you to the Persian Gulf to save a team trapped behind a mission, the sergeant Harley will be involved under the most bizarre situations. After parodying Top Gun in the first installment, Abrahams decided to play down the conflict in Iraq with this film with clear influence of RamboStallone. To do this, it makes multiple references to successful films of the action genre (Kickboxer , Terminator 2 , Robocop ) and classics like The Wizard of Oz .

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4. In honor of the truth (1996) Edward Zwick.

Only 5 years after the end of the Gulf War , the Hollywood industry got down to work to the conflict make the leap to the big screen. Chosen to run the show was Edward Zwick , who two years earlier had reached stardom with Legends of the Fall and that subsequently would approach conflicts in Japan ( The Last Samurai ), Africa ( Blood Diamond ) and Europe ( Resistance ) . The result was a film that, with a good dose of patriotism yankee and more than one similarity with AFew Good Men (1992), was the investigation officer Nathan Serling ( Denzel Washington ) who, punished for bringing down one of his own tanks in Iraq you must certify that the pilot Karen Walden ( Meg Ryan , even at the peak of his career) deserves the Medal of Honor.

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3. L’aube du monde (Dawn of the World) (2008), Abbas Fahdel.

The Franco-Iraqi filmmaker, Abbas Fahdel , tanning in the documentary world, was launched in 2008 to direct his first feature film with this romantic drama about a woman and an Iraqi man newlyweds are forced apart by the outbreak of the Gulf War . Death in combat husband, and the promise of his comrade in arms of caring for his wife (giving rise to a new love story), serve as abackdrop for Fahdel analyze the impact of armed conflict and the subsequent instability, had on its population, making it a perfect place to see the conflict from the Iraqi point of view title.

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2. Jarhead (2005), Sam Mendes

Six years after taking home the Oscar for Best Director for American Beauty , Sam Mendesplunged into the war genre to bring us into the mind of Anthony Swofford a Marine of the United States whose memoir recounts his emotions and experiences both Saudi Arabia pre – Operation desert Storm , as in the desert of Kuwait at the height of the armed conflict. With this material, Mendes and his protagonist, an immeasurable Jake Gyllenhaal ( Nightcrawler ), offer a portrait in first person (not without their dose of propaganda) of life, between fear and excitement, of American soldiers.

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1. Three Kings (1999), by  David O. Russell

Before receiving the unanimous critical acclaim and prizes (Oscar nominations and Golden Globe included) with the good side of things and the great American scam , David O. Russell military boots and camouflage suit and donned he immersed himself in the Iraqi desert to tell the story of four American soldiers redemption that in subsequent days at the end of the Gulf War , are released to a demented treasure hunt in the form of gold bullion Kuwaitis. Between action, comedy and drama, Russell added up to a anti – war story in which George Clooney (Tomorrowland: The World of Tomorrow ), Mark Wahlberg ( Pain and Money ), Ice Cube ( Departed at University ) and Spike Jonze (winner Oscar for the screenplay of Her ) were torn between the dispossession and the rescue of Iraqi citizens homeless

Are the remains of the first pilot fallen in the Gulf War

Michael Scott Speicher was shot down during the first hours of fighting in 1991.
Michael Scott Speicher was shot down during the first hours of fighting in 1991.
The US Navy announced today that found the remains of the first American soldier killed in the Gulf War, a fighter pilot shot down over the Iraqi province of Anbar on 17 January 1991.The then Lieutenant Michael Scott Speicher, 33, one of the great mysteries of the first Gulf War, flew over the border territories of western Iraq with his fighter F / a-18 Hornet, disappeared without a trace and ended up being the only American missing in action after the conflict.

in initially, the Pentagon gave him up for dead, he praised his services and became the first victim of the emerging war, explaining that he had been hit by a missile fired by an Iraqi aircraft.

a day later, the Pentagon relented and gave him ” missing in action”. By not officially recognize his death, he continued to ascend, to make captain.

The investigation to find his body continued over the past 18 years until last month, a group of Iraqi citizens alerted US forces from the existence of the place the F-18 piloted captain Speicher, in the province of Anbar crashed.

last week, American soldiers combed the entire area and found human remains, which were sent to Dover Air Force Base in the US, and subjected to forensic analysis.

“One of the Iraqis said he was present when captain Speicher was found dead by Bedouin, who proceeded to bury him”, the statement of the Navy, according to the news agency Europa Press.

the identity of pilot was confirmed through analysis of the teeth and DNA tests were compared with samples provided members of the family now captain Speicher.

“Our prayers are with the family of captain for the ultimate sacrifice he made for this country” he said Navy secretary Ray Mabus said in a statement.

“I am enormously grateful to all those who worked tirelessly over the past 18 years to return home , ” he added.

the Admiral Gary Roughead, chief of naval operations of the Navy , “said that the institution owes to Captain Speicher and his family gratitude for the sacrifice to which they were subjected by our nation and the example set us all , “he said.

Speicher was married and had two children. Download this article as pdf hush hush.

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