On January 17, 1991, America suffered a tremendous loss. Navy pilot, Lieutenant Commander Michael “Scott” Speicher, was shot down while flying a combat mission over western Iraq on the first night of Operation Desert Storm. The next morning, then-Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney told the news media that the United States had suffered one combat loss. When questioned whether or not it had been a death, he confirmed that the service member had been killed.

Four months later, Scott Speicher was declared KIA/BNR—Killed In Action, Body Not Recovered—by the United States Navy.  Hailed thereafter as a hero, mourned by family and friends,  it wasn’t until nearly two full years had passed that it was discovered that LCDR Speicher had almost certainly ejected from his aircraft before it crashed. He had left his E & E (Escape and Evade) sign on the desert floor, and had apparently waited for a rescue that was never launched by the U.S. military.Scott's E&E sign, found on the central-western Iraqi desert floor near Scott's crash site.

Scott's E&E found on Desert Floor

Over the ensuing years, evidence began to surface that proved Speicher’s captivity by Saddam Hussein and his loyal followers. Witnesses—some who had defected from Iraq, some who were questioned or came forth on their own—told stories of having seen or even spoken to Speicher in his captivity. The letters M.S.S. were found etched into a wall at the notorious Hakmiyah prison in Baghdad. Documents were found there as well, which had logged Speicher’s imprisonment there. More of the same initials, written in the same handwriting, were found north of Baghdad, in 2003—near Saddam’s hometown of Tikrit.

The initials marked on that beam were written in what appeared to be finger-painting onto a carport beam in a brownish-colored substance. The date beneath the initials in that instance is written as 9-15-94.

Much evidence has come forth that would definitely suggest—more than suggest, it would seem to insist upon—Speicher’s continued survival. The United States Navy apparently agrees; he has been twice promoted in light of the evidence that has come forth. Though Saddam is no longer in power, it is believed that those loyal to his regime continue to hold Speicher prisoner, for unknown reasons.

Friends Working to Free Scott Speicher believes in Scott and continues to fight for his release. Along with letter writing campaigns to our elected officials, the Friends’ group participates in public events such as a yearly candlelight vigil for Scott, as well as monthly meetings with any news updates or ideas on how to raise public awareness of his plight. This website has a forum where the public can join in and ask questions, share ideas, and communicate any news they may discover.

The goal: To bring Captain Michael Scott Speicher back to the United States of America, his home.

Information on Change in Status

Despite current media coverage of Scott's case regarding reclassifying his status, it is, according to those close to Scott, not the case. Scott is currently classified as Missing/Captured. This status will remain the same for the current time, and there are no plans to change it.

Michael Scott Speicher

We have compiled images of Scott's own handwriting, and put them side-by-side with the initials found in Iraq (seen on this page).

Click here to see this comparison for yourself.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in the high places.
Ephesians 6:12


 Captain Michael Scott Speicher

Scott's initials, carved into a wall at the Hakimiyah Prison in Baghdad, Iraq

Michael Scott Speicher's initials carved into the wall of a cell in Hakmiyah Prison, Baghdad, Iraq

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Part 1: Dead or Alive?
On the first night of the Gulf War, an American pilot disappeared. What happened to Scott Speicher is a mystery that deepens by the year.


How You Can Help Scott Speicher is not just a statistic. He needs your help! If you would like to get involved in working towards his freedom, please contact us.

We have multimedia available to view and download. Many people have contributed time and effort in helping Scott's cause. See photos of a quilt made for him, hear music written from a POW's perspective, and more.

Friends' Forum
Come in and join the discussion in our Friends' Forum. You'll find many topics of conversation there, from general "About Scott" stuff to an "Idea Box," where we invite everyone to share in any ideas or thoughts on what could be done to help bring Scott home.

Michael Scott Speicher

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