Are the remains of the first pilot fallen in the Gulf War

Michael Scott Speicher was shot down during the first hours of fighting in 1991.
Michael Scott Speicher was shot down during the first hours of fighting in 1991.
The US Navy announced today that found the remains of the first American soldier killed in the Gulf War, a fighter pilot shot down over the Iraqi province of Anbar on 17 January 1991.The then Lieutenant Michael Scott Speicher, 33, one of the great mysteries of the first Gulf War, flew over the border territories of western Iraq with his fighter F / a-18 Hornet, disappeared without a trace and ended up being the only American missing in action after the conflict.

in initially, the Pentagon gave him up for dead, he praised his services and became the first victim of the emerging war, explaining that he had been hit by a missile fired by an Iraqi aircraft.

a day later, the Pentagon relented and gave him ” missing in action”. By not officially recognize his death, he continued to ascend, to make captain.

The investigation to find his body continued over the past 18 years until last month, a group of Iraqi citizens alerted US forces from the existence of the place the F-18 piloted captain Speicher, in the province of Anbar crashed.

last week, American soldiers combed the entire area and found human remains, which were sent to Dover Air Force Base in the US, and subjected to forensic analysis.

“One of the Iraqis said he was present when captain Speicher was found dead by Bedouin, who proceeded to bury him”, the statement of the Navy, according to the news agency Europa Press.

the identity of pilot was confirmed through analysis of the teeth and DNA tests were compared with samples provided members of the family now captain Speicher.

“Our prayers are with the family of captain for the ultimate sacrifice he made for this country” he said Navy secretary Ray Mabus said in a statement.

“I am enormously grateful to all those who worked tirelessly over the past 18 years to return home , ” he added.

the Admiral Gary Roughead, chief of naval operations of the Navy , “said that the institution owes to Captain Speicher and his family gratitude for the sacrifice to which they were subjected by our nation and the example set us all , “he said.

Speicher was married and had two children. Download this article as pdf hush hush.

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