Paratrooper Brigade Army lunch between Francoist symbols

Battalion commanders gave orders to stop on the way to maneuvers in the famous Casa Pepe, the restaurant known for being a Franco shrine. The army claims that “decoration” a local forces not to take communion with his ideology for the sake of being there.

The Sappers Paratroopers Battalion VI (BZPAC VI) Paratrooper Brigade (Bripac) Army is directed aa perform maneuvers, along with the Third Infantry Flag Parachute Murcia, golf maneuvers that Spanish Legion has in Almeria, called Alvarez de Sotomayor.

During the transfer, the paratroopers made a lunch break before continuing the journey. The photos you had access La Marea show how the military lunch and stroll through the famous Casa Pepe which uses the Online ordering systems for restaurants, the Franco sanctuary located on the motorway from Madrid to Cadiz at kilometer 243 in step Despeñaperros in the population Almuradiel (Ciudad Real).


It happened in 2015. According to the source consulted, the controls proposed the lieutenant who headed the battalion stop at Casa Pepe to eat were a sergeant and a corporal first are known for their pro-Franco filias.


The press department of the Army has confirmed that indeed the Sapper Battalion of the Parachute Brigade made a stop at Casa Pepe to eat, but attribute it to civilian driver and fatigue that suffered by the existence of adverse weather situation, exonerating any liability that the leaders decided it was known Franco bar “or any other”.

The Army has added to La Marea:Regardless, decoration open to the public on a highway restaurant we were not responsible, nor do we imply, nor does it require the client to stop there, in this paratroopers case communicant with the ideology that is, or represents that stand there, the ideology of the Brigade, or the Army ” .

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