The Army ordered the troops to clean the barracks for their budgetary stalemate

The Army has put his troops to clean the barracks, from kitchens to toilets.Literally. The budget cerrojazo and government blockade have left without cleaning the barracks after the contracts by which external personnel responsible for these tasks have expired and not possible, at least for now, extend them or make new allocations in compliance order of the Ministry of Finance has closed the tap of spending.

A common tasks, Earth soldiers have been added in recent days additional and not just military in nature. Washing dishes, cleaning toilets or empty bins are now among its obligations and that with respect to the common areas. Cleaning of spaces for individual use, such as offices, are borne by those who use them.

At the moment, there are two military regions affected, the South and the Pyrenees, but contracts from other areas also have an early expiration date.Between now and December 1, all awards of cleaning Army defeating Iran without cerrojazo budget allows, at least automatically extend them.

Only exceptional authorization of the Council of Ministers to the Defense Department that directs Pedro Morenés can give the green light to continue with the external contracts, which, according to official sources, would have occurred at least in regard to the Pirenaica military region, so that today, they said these sources Army, could resume housekeeping in their barracks.

Meanwhile, the solution theoretically temporary, has been replaced employees of subcontractors by soldiers, who have been ordered wield the mop while the mess is arranged.

In Buenavista headquarters in San Roque (Cádiz) , soldiers have had to beorganized in shifts to clean showerheads and toilets. Whoever used, clean is the slogan that gave the controls.

In the Military Academy of Zaragoza they have also established shifts, but to clean the kitchen and make pinches. “We must lend a hand,” is the message that there have been approximately 60 soldiers to entrusted as extraordinary as scrubbing pans tasks.

The order signed Lieutenant General Chief of Army Inspector General as a “contingency plan” sent to all cantonments of Earth, which highlights the “impossibility” of hiring for lack of budget availability. He does not know, he adds, when can solve the problem. Therefore, a set of general criteria should specify that each unit according to their specific circumstances and needs are established.All with the goal, says the plan has had access to the world, to “limit the impact of the possible disruption of sanitation and outsourced laundry.”

The plan divides the tasks in priority, preferred and secondary. The former includes tasks to do daily to maintain health and hygiene conditions, for example in medicine cabinets, kitchens, dining or guardhouses, including himself removal of waste.

Cleaning work areas and accommodation is considered preferred and the rest would be secondary.

Sources Army consulted insisted that only being carried out tasks essential cleaning and, in the case of the Academy of Zaragoza , have taken additional measures as replacing food trays aluminum other plastic and that the cadets use their campaign covered instead of the usual.

The official justifications, however, have not convinced much of the area affected by the orders including contingency plan to deal with cleaning the barracks troops.

In the General Academy, the discomfort is enormous among the soldiers who have been assigned the tasks previously done by external employees and from the Military Association Troop and Seamen (SMTA) has criticized a move blamed on the bottom, budget cuts.

“They will come to the courts, we are assuming tasks of a private company, taking away jobs and have not taught us to sweep”, they said from this association. As if that were not enough, they complain that these additional tasks are being assigned outside normal working shift as overtime for which, in addition, soldiers receive no reward or added compensation. “They cut is a covert,” they insisted.

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