The Gulf War in 10 films

The Gulf War, the first of the two armed conflicts between the US and Saddam Hussein 25 years. To commemorate this anniversary, we talk about some of the most outstanding films of what the North American country dubbed Operation Desert Storm. Watch it on xmovies8 and read the article below.


The Gulf War is, despite its short duration (seven months), one of the conflicts that have marked contemporary society. An influence before which the film, especially the US, is no stranger. Over the years, the so – called Operation Desert Storm has served to give birth to both anti – war stories as a patriotic propaganda stars and stripes, through belts moving, obviously, through the territory of war drama but which they do not lack exponents of terror (Z series, of course) and the absurd comedy.


10. The Devil’s Double (2011), Lee Tamahori.

With Saddam Hussein become public enemy number one of the United States, the Iraqi ruler was surrounded by a legion of double “dispensable” to represent him in public and to make target if some hustler sniper yankee occurred to him to pull the trigger . A practice that spread the evil dictator ‘s eldest son. Precisely this double, Latif Yahia , decided to write his experience as apublic substitute for Uday Hussein . A story that Belgium and the Netherlands became an irregular film in which Lee Tamahori ( 007: Die Another Day ) portrayed life as a double Devil Yahia in the last days before the outbreak of the Gulf War . Pity the flawless performance of Dominic Cooper (Captain America: The First Avenger ) stay marred by such action winks second row so common in film Tamahori.

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9. The one that got away (1996), by Paul Greengrass .


Director Paul Greengrass , known for its quasi – documentary optics to portray those specific moments that mark a major conflict ( Bloody Sunday , United 93 ), embarked, back in 96, in a TV movie about the Gulf War . He did so through the history of the group Bravo Two Zero , the legendary elite unit that the UK sent to Iraq. From the point of view of Chris Ryan , the only member of the command that was not captured, and whose memories have become a benchmark for understanding the evolution of the British Army in Iraq, Greengrass directs thisthriller action in which David Morrissey (the Governor in the Walking Dead ), as sergeant McNab (leader of Bravo Two Zero ) and Paul McGan ( Alien 3 ) recreate the adventures of Ryan torturous.

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8. Bravo Two Zero (1999), by Tom Clegg.

When Iraq decided to use the missiles Scubs against Israel, the British service sent a group of eight men with the codename Bravo Two Zero which, led by Sergeant Andy McNab , should destroy the launchers artifacts. After being discovered and suffer the unspeakable, some members managed to be rescued long afterwards. Three years after the approach of Paul Greengrass  to the history of the elite unit Bravo Two Zero , director Tom Clegg sought a new point of view. In this case, it was based on the story of the leader of the patrol, McNab, and their memories as a captive army of Saddam Hussein . A character of this magnitude required an actor to match, and Clegg did not hesitate to call Sean Bean ( Game of Thrones ) which, in this case (possible SPOILER ), it seems that life ends.

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7. July 4 Dead (1996), by William Lustig.

The Operation Desert Storm certainly has for many treatments in the film universe. One of the most peculiar is that the director William Lustig , hardened terror Z series ( Maniac Cop and sequels), perpetrated in 1996. With the end of the war still fresh, the director approaches the tug to tell, from the typical structure of the slasher quite aggressive, the story of a soldier, who after falling in combat and being repatriated and buried in his hometown, back from the dead turned into a zombie, giving free rein to their murderous cravings and handing deadly lessons of patriotism to everyone who believes that they need. All this in the quintessential American holiday: 4th of July.

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6. Live from Baghdad (2002), Mick Jackson.

Mick Jackson , whose two biggest hits move between romance ( The Bodyguard ) and disaster film ( Volcano ), made its approach to the Gulf War through this TV movie in which Oscar nominees Michael Keaton ( Birdman (or the unexpected virtue of ignorance) ) and Helena Bonham Carter ( Cinderella ) get into the skin of two journalists from CNN to the Iraqi capital are to cover the conflict from within, with appropriate logistical issues, policies and ethical. The telefilm HBO , whose script is written by the producer of the American chain, Robert Wiener , from his own memoirs, became one of the great successes of the chain in 2002, year in which he racked up 10 nominations to Emmy Awards (winning three) and 3 Golden Globes.

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5. Hot Shots 2 (1993), Jim Abrahams.

Only two years after the end of the Gulf War , the director Jim Abrahams (master of the absurd comedy and precursor of the movies spoof with titles such as Airplane and Top Secret ) takes advantage of the conflict to resume fun adventures of Topper Harley ( Charlie Sheen ), starred inHot Shots! . From a retreat in Thailand with Muay Thai lessons included, to the mission that will take you to the Persian Gulf to save a team trapped behind a mission, the sergeant Harley will be involved under the most bizarre situations. After parodying Top Gun in the first installment, Abrahams decided to play down the conflict in Iraq with this film with clear influence of RamboStallone. To do this, it makes multiple references to successful films of the action genre (Kickboxer , Terminator 2 , Robocop ) and classics like The Wizard of Oz .

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4. In honor of the truth (1996) Edward Zwick.

Only 5 years after the end of the Gulf War , the Hollywood industry got down to work to the conflict make the leap to the big screen. Chosen to run the show was Edward Zwick , who two years earlier had reached stardom with Legends of the Fall and that subsequently would approach conflicts in Japan ( The Last Samurai ), Africa ( Blood Diamond ) and Europe ( Resistance ) . The result was a film that, with a good dose of patriotism yankee and more than one similarity with AFew Good Men (1992), was the investigation officer Nathan Serling ( Denzel Washington ) who, punished for bringing down one of his own tanks in Iraq you must certify that the pilot Karen Walden ( Meg Ryan , even at the peak of his career) deserves the Medal of Honor.

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3. L’aube du monde (Dawn of the World) (2008), Abbas Fahdel.

The Franco-Iraqi filmmaker, Abbas Fahdel , tanning in the documentary world, was launched in 2008 to direct his first feature film with this romantic drama about a woman and an Iraqi man newlyweds are forced apart by the outbreak of the Gulf War . Death in combat husband, and the promise of his comrade in arms of caring for his wife (giving rise to a new love story), serve as abackdrop for Fahdel analyze the impact of armed conflict and the subsequent instability, had on its population, making it a perfect place to see the conflict from the Iraqi point of view title.

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2. Jarhead (2005), Sam Mendes

Six years after taking home the Oscar for Best Director for American Beauty , Sam Mendesplunged into the war genre to bring us into the mind of Anthony Swofford a Marine of the United States whose memoir recounts his emotions and experiences both Saudi Arabia pre – Operation desert Storm , as in the desert of Kuwait at the height of the armed conflict. With this material, Mendes and his protagonist, an immeasurable Jake Gyllenhaal ( Nightcrawler ), offer a portrait in first person (not without their dose of propaganda) of life, between fear and excitement, of American soldiers.

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1. Three Kings (1999), by  David O. Russell

Before receiving the unanimous critical acclaim and prizes (Oscar nominations and Golden Globe included) with the good side of things and the great American scam , David O. Russell military boots and camouflage suit and donned he immersed himself in the Iraqi desert to tell the story of four American soldiers redemption that in subsequent days at the end of the Gulf War , are released to a demented treasure hunt in the form of gold bullion Kuwaitis. Between action, comedy and drama, Russell added up to a anti – war story in which George Clooney (Tomorrowland: The World of Tomorrow ), Mark Wahlberg ( Pain and Money ), Ice Cube ( Departed at University ) and Spike Jonze (winner Oscar for the screenplay of Her ) were torn between the dispossession and the rescue of Iraqi citizens homeless

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